Metrolink Schedules

Metrolink (reporting mark SCAX) is a commuter rail system serving Southern California.

It consists of seven lines and 55 stations operating on 388.2 miles (624.7 km) of the rail network.

The Metrolink routes operate in many places as:

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • Ventura counties
  • Oceanside

Besides, it connects with the others rail system, as LA County Metro Rail and Sprinter light rail services and San Diego Coaster Commuter rail.

Further, Metrolink has connections with some Amtrak train routes, like:

  • Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
  • Amtrak Coast Starlight
  • Amtrak Southwest Chief
  • Amtrak Sunset Limited

Metrolink Routes

In addition to several suburban communities and cities, Metrolink trains also serve many points of interest such as Downtown Los Angeles, Bob Hope Airport, California State University, Los Angeles, Angel Stadium, and the San Clemente Pier.

Special service has also been extended to the Pomona Fairplex, the Ventura County Fairgrounds, and the Auto Club Speedway for individual events.

The Metrolink Routes are:

Metrolink Train schedules

The rail system experiences its peak ridership during weekday mornings and afternoons.

More trains operate during the morning between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Metrolink Price

How Much is a Metrolink Ticket?

The Metrolink fare is the travel distance plus a flat fee for boarding on the train.

Passengers can ride in LA and Orange County for free if they have valid ticket or pass.

Who has Monthly Pass in Orange, Los Angeles, and Ventura can use Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and Thruway Coach through the Rail 2 Rail program.

Metrolink ride in LA and Orange County, free with their valid ticket or pass, and monthly pass holders in Orange, LA, and Ventura Counties can use Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and Thruway Coach services

The Metrolink Fare increases every year in July. This fact coincides with increased fuel and labor expenses, and have averaged between 3.5% and 5% per year.

Metrolink Short-Distance Fare

Since 2016, Metrolink decreased this fare to $3 for students, adults, and youth.

And $1.50 for disabled riders for the one-way ticket.

These lower prices are offered to improve Metrolink local travels.

And it is good option for short trips, from one Metrolink station to the next on any line.

Metrolink fare from Cal State LA to Los Angeles Union Station

Adults, youth, or students pay $3 for one-way, and six dollars for the round-trip.

Metrolink route from El Monte Station to LA Unio station.

Youth, adults, or students pay $3 for one-way, and six dollars for the round-trip.

For travel more than two stations, distance-based pricing is more affordable.

Metrolink Tickets

Metrolink has five ticket types.

One-Way Ticket

Valid for a single one-way travel from departure station to destination station.

Round-Trip Ticket

Valid for a round-trip on the same day travel from departure station to destination station.

Metrolink 7-Day Pass

This pass is valid for unlimited trips during a period of seven says.

Metrolink Monthly Pass

The Metrolink Monthly Pass allows unlimited trips between the origin and destination.

This pass is valid for one month.

Passengers who have Monthly Pass can enjoy the Rail 2 Rail program, where they can ride in Metrolink and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains, using the same ticket.

Metrolink Weekend Schedule

The Weekend Pass allows all passengers travel all weekend for only $10.

This fare was the first pass of its kind on Metrolink giving passengers unlimited rides all weekend long going anywhere in the system.

Nowadays, this type of ticket is named Weekend Day Pass.

How to Buy Metrolink Tickets?

You can buy Metrolink tickets using an App or a Ticket vending machines.

Metrolink Mobile App is available on Google Play and App Store.

The ticket machines are available in Metrolink Stations.

How Fast does the Metrolink Run?

Metrolink trains travel up to 79 miles per hour, and when it runs in Orange County line it up to 90 mph.