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MOOver! bus schedules, lines, routes, and stations overview by TrainUS

MOOver! operates bus across Vermont.

The company is an important transport agency in the state of Vermont.

It is responsible for carrying thousands of passengers daily.

Most of the MOOver! lines are made in Vermont

Traveling on this company you can ride in several types of bus.

At TrainUS, you can find Vermont next bus schedules, routes, and fares.

Besides, all the information about your next MOOver! trips, such as bus stations, maps, and alerts.

MOOver! transit busy line

Here are some route information details from the most popular trips.

MOOver! trip planner

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After you choose the best MOOver! schedule for your ride, you can check all the stops that will have during your trip.

MOOver! contact  

For any request or issue, you can get in contact with the Vermont Transit company by phone.

If you have questions about bus schedules, stations, or status, you also can send an email.

MOOver! phone number:


Vermont public transportations

If this company does not have a ride for your destination, you can count on others Vermont transit companies.

TrainUs has information about bus schedule in Vermont from 384 agencies of transit on the city.

So you can find the bus service available, Vermont fare, metro bus planner, and others information to help you decide which way is the better to get to your destination.

Vermont State public transportations

Besides, Vermont, you can also find public transportation to others states like Illinois, District of Columbia, Washington, New York, Texas, Massachusetts and much more.

There are others companies riding in several cities on Vermont State such as Gwinnett County Transit, Vail Transit, Portland Streetcar, TriMet, Streamline

At TrainUS you can find all bus, train, metro, ferry, tramway, subway lines available on the Vermont state.

Frequently asked questions on Vermont public transportation

Can I bring my bike on the MOOver! bus?

Bicycle are allowed during some hours during the day, except on peak hours.

You also cannot bring your bike on holidays or specials events.

Be aware, there is a limit of bicycle numbers in each bus or metro.

For more information about it, get in contact with the company.

Can I travel with my pet inside MOOver! transportations?

Only animals that assist people with disabilities can travel on the MOOver! transports.

Small pets can be carried as well, but they must be aboard on a safe container.

Do bus has accessibility features?

Yes, most of them have accessibility features to help the passengers with any disability.

On the stations, you can find low floor ramps or lifts. On the transport, there is a specific area for wheelchairs and facilities during the boarding.

Can I smoke in a bus?

No, you cannot smoke inside the Vermont public transportation. It is illegal.

Is there parkings at MOOver! busstations?

Yes, there is a parking nearby the most of metro stations in Vermont.

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